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Old Time Tablature
Complete Oldtime Titles List
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Title: Instrument: Category: Level: TablEdit File: Midi File:
Abe's Retreat (aka Indian Springs)
[ 406 ]
Mandolin BouzoukiBluegrass OldTimeIntermediate Advancedcm_abesretreat.tef Listen

Absent Minded Woman
[ 410 ]
Mandolin BouzoukiCeltic OldTimeIntermediate Advancedcm_absentmindedwoman.tef Listen

Absent Minded Woman
[ 683 ]
fiddleTraditional Oldtime CelticIntermediateabsentmindedwoman.tef Listen

Alexandra Park
[ 776 ]
BanjoTraditional Bluegrass OldtimeIntermediatealexandra_park.tef Listen

An Ugly Customer
[ 702 ]
Mandolin Guitar BouzoukiTraditional Bluegrass Oldtime FlatpickIntermediate01uglycustomer.tef Listen

Angeline the Baker
[ 407 ]
Mandolin BouzoukiBluegrass OldTimeBeginner Intermediatecm_angelinethebaker01.tef Listen

Around the Horn
[ 408 ]
Mandolin BouzoukiBluegrass OldTimeIntermediatecm_aroundthehorn.tef Listen

Arthur Berry
[ 409 ]
Mandolin BouzoukiBluegrass OldTimeIntermediate Advancedcm_arthurberry.tef Listen

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